A third of the direct victims of land mines are children. land mines maim or kill the most productive members of the community.


Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Removal and Land Mine Clearance Project Management

Cleared Ground, drawing on its own expertise and that of partner NGOs, can manage all aspects of an ERW removal or land mine clearance project, or they can provide individual land mine clearance services for specific needs as outlined below. Cleared Ground will design, equip, plan, implement and supervise a clearance project, including all related activities such as clearance accreditation, the co-ordination of land mine clearance medical trauma teams, manual or dog quality-assurance teams and the handover certification process.


Cleared Ground can assess potential, ongoing or completed ERW removal and land mine clearance programs. They can make recommendations on all aspects, such as future ERW removal and land mine clearing activities, funding needs, or the adequacy of financial controls and value-for-money.

Demining Capacity Building / Training

Cleared Ground specialises in training indigenous workforces in ERW Removal, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Demining in order to make them self-sufficient in clearing their homelands from the threat of land mines and Explosive Remnants of War. Cleared Ground can also assist in training the local workforce in the management of ERW Removal / Explisive Ordnance Disposal and land mine clearance programs, and specific areas such as International Mine Action Standards. Cleared Ground has experience recruiting suitable land mine clearing personnel from the local population, as well as extensive experience working with the local military in the Middle East and local organisations in West Africa.

Battle Area Clearance / Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Cleared Ground can effectively recruit, train and deploy highly skilled personnel from indigenous populations for Battle Area Clearance tasks and the follow on of Explosive Ordnance Disposal. This will ensure that all items of ERW are safely removed and destroyed including cluster munitions, small arms/light weapons and aircraft bombs. Cleared Ground has currently removed 17,185 items of ERW in Guinea Bissau and all will be destroyed by demolition.

Land Mine Verification & Area Reduction

Cleared Ground can assist in the process of minefield verification and area reduction, so that the limits of suspected contaminated search areas may be safely defined. Once a hazardous area has been delineated, Cleared Ground can also carry out minefield marking tasks.

Machine Testing, Commissioning & Accreditation

Cleared Ground staff can test, evaluate and provide feedback on newly developed or upgraded mechanical land mine clearance machinery. Cleared Ground personnel can also commission demining machines and assist with the in country Mine Action Centre accreditation process.

Mine Action Procurement

Cleared Ground can make independent recommendations on demining equipment tailored to suit individual country or project requirements. This can include purchase of heavy land mine clearing machinery and spare parts packages, or the most suitable solutions for detectors, PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) or specialised land mine dog teams.