land mines affect over 20,000,000 victims. land mines kill or injure a civilian every 30 minutes!

About Cleared Ground Demining

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Cleared Ground Demining is an independant not-for-profit NGO that specialises in Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Removal, Small Arms / Light Weapons Destruction and Landmine clearance solutions. Cleared Ground Demining's team of land mine professionals can provide project management services for all aspects of an ERW / land mine clearance project. In addition, we can provide individual services for specific specific ERW / land mine clearing needs. Cleared Ground Demining's team is particularly experienced in ERW Removal, EOD Disposal and Landmine


Palau's Bomb Squad

Ridding Palau of Second World War bombs

WWII Landmines continue to wreak havoc in Palau

Bomb disposal in Palau


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New and Current Projects

Guinea Bissau Project
Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic


Cleared Ground Demining's mission is to help reduce the threat that land mines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) pose to local communities


  • Cleared Ground Demining concentrates on humanitarian ERW removal and land mine clearance
  • Cleared Ground Demining focuses on ERW removal and land mine clearing capacity building of the indigenous workforce to ensure long-term sustainability
  • The aim of Cleared Ground Demining's ERW removal and land mine clearing activities is to return land to local communities to be utilised for development goals such as greater employment and stronger economies
  • Cleared Ground Demining insists on high safety standards in all its activities, and promotes struct adherence to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and our own robust ERW removal and land mine clearing Standard Operating Procedures


Cleared Ground Demining is registered in the United Kingdom as a charity (registered charity no. 1114291). The team has an strong international flavour, with British and and Australian personnel. The team includes those with experience in The Corps of Royal Engineers of Her Majesty's Armed Forces (UK), humanitarian ERW removal and land mine clearance projects in Southern Lebanon, Jordan, Guinea Bissau, Kosovo, Laos, Libya, Iraq, Eritrea, as well as finance and administation with the United Nations in the Middle East region. Cleared Ground Demining also draws on a pool of experienced land mine clearance staff; including those with British militray backgrounds and skilled local demining technicians.